Food for weight loss

Practice and excluded and permitted food lists.
Losing weight without counting calories.
Cutting is a process of losing weight without counting calories. It’s a quick and natural way to reduce body fat mass.

Cutting provides getting rid of excess fat that has been accumulated for years of malnutrition in several weeks. An efficient endurance of weight loss course is 3 weeks. You can see the first results of weight loss after 2 days.

Actually, cutting is a kind of fasting.

Fasting is a practice of abstinence from life delights including certain food. Fasting tradition has been known since ancient civilization times.

Like fasting it’s a set of limits practiced for reaching a lofty aim: sanitation, self-understanding, development of intelligence and body control.

A fundamental rule of cutting is to eat as little carbohydrates as possible.

The main advantages of low-carb nutrition.

  • Simple rule. You needn’t count calories, weight food or note what you've ate. It’s easy to memorize food to be excluded and permitted one. You may eat permitted food until you are full.
  • Health Improvemen. Low-carb nutrition curbs reasons of many deceases. It normalizes concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood stream, decreases level of cholesterol low-density lipoproteins.
  • Proper nutrition without tables. Low-carb nutrition is based on natural food with natural balance of protein and fat. So you start eat clean automatically: no food with high glycemic or insulin load, no gluten, no trans fats.
Hit the carbs
You should exclude food containing more carbs than protein or fat. You may keep vegetables which contain less than 5% of net carbs from total mass of product, i.e. less than 5g for every 100g of mass.

It’s easy to exclude carbs. Compound product ingredients are usually marked on a package. If it’s a ready-to-eat product, it’s enough to ask yourself: What is this dish composed of? Does it contain prohibited ingredients?

Yoghurt with fruit bits: fruits are carbs.

Ice-cream: sugar is carbs.

Cottage cheese with marmalade: marmalade is berries and sugar – carbs.

Potato, carrot or beet salad: these vegetables contain a lot of carbs.

After excluding food with carbs, you will keep low-carb diet instinctively and provide calorific deficit required for weight loss. No weighting, no tracking or counting.

If you still want to count protein, fat and carbs, you can follow the scheme below.

  • Every day you should consume: 1g of protein and less than 1g of carbs for every kilo of lean body mass; quantity of carbs may be even less: 0,5g for 1 kilo of lean body mass. Then, it’s a ketogenic diet.

  • Add missing calories up to 80% of your maintenance calorific value. This can be reached with any permitted food without carbs.

Just exclude certain groups of food from your nutrition plan for not to count carbs by tables.

Excluded food
While on a cut, this food should be excluded from nutrition first of all.

Desserts: caramel and other sweets, toffees, fruit jelly, honey, ice-cream, marshmallow, biscuits, tarts, gingerbread cookies, cakes, halva, chocolate and other confectionery.

Bakery products: French bread, baguette, pancakes, buns, dumplings, Easter sweet bread, pita, noodles, spaghetti, pasta, meat dumplings, bread plait, crackers, bread rings, cheesecakes, cellophane noodles, bread and other starchy food.

Grits and cereals: beans, pea, buckwheat, corn grits, oatmeal, barley, wheat grits, rice, soy, runner beans, lentils, peeled barley.

Fruits and berries should be excluded. They contain a lot of carbs.

Juice and sugary drinks: apricot, grape, peach, plum, pineapple juice, etc., soda with saccharides, stewed fruits and sugary fruit-drinks.

Vegetables and herbs: sweet potato, turnip, pea, potato, corn, carrot, chick-pea, rutabaga, beet, soy, all kinds of runner beans, yams and other vegetables should be excluded. They contain a lot of carbs.

Fats and oils: dripping, mayonnaise sauce, margarine, butter, melted butter, back fat. Another food contains enough animal fat, so there's no point to eat these fats and oils separately. Also these products may contain trans fats and toxic aldehydes.

Dairy products: condensed milk and cultured milk products with sugar.
Permitted food
You may select the food you like the most among permitted one, which doesn’t cause allergy or isn’t medically contraindicated to you.

While on a cut, you may eat the following food or similar one.

Eggs: hen, quail and other birds eggs, powdered egg, egg white.

Fish and sea food: all kinds of white fish and salmons, caviar, squids, crab, shrimps, cucumaria, lobster, mussels, lamprey, octopus, crayfish, sea cucumber, oysters, etc.

Meat, poultry, by-products: turkey, chicken, duck, rabbit, lamb meat, beef, horse meat, pork, bacon, pork fat and various innards of mentioned animals and birds.

Dairy products: yoghurt, kefir, sour milk, boiled fermented milk, cottage cheese, soybean curd, cheese, dairy cream, sour cream.

Fruits: avocado.

Vegetables and herbs: eggplant, broccoli, sea weed, Japanese radish, zucchini, cabbage, onion, cucumber, olives, parsley, pepper, tomato, garden radish, rocket salad, lettuce, celery, asparagus, dill, chrain, wild leek, garlic, spinage, sorrel. This food is additional to the main nutrition plan. It’s better to eat less than 500g in a day.

Mushrooms: porcini mushroom, milk mushroom, girolle, butter mushroom, honey fungus, rough boletus, orange-cap boletus, saffron milk cap, truffle, white mushroom, shiitake mushroom and other edible ones. This food is additional to the main nutrition plan. It’s better to eat less than 500g in a day.

Nuts and seeds: walnut, cashew nut, peanut, almond, pistache, hazel-nut, various seeds: gingelly, poppy seed, sunflower, flax, etc. This food is additional to the main nutrition plan. It’s better to eat less than 50g in a day.

Desserts: unsweetened chocolate made of cocoa powder or butter (no more than 15% carbs). This product may form part of meal. It’s better to eat less than 20g in a day.

After limitation of carbs consumption you will see the result of weight loss in 2-3 days.