Top 3 ways to lose weight

You can choose any.
Or practice all three at the same time.
More than 100500 ways to lose weight
All those things people do to get rid of excess weight: fasting, calorie counting, fitness training and sports, hundreds of diets, superfoods, blood type nutrition, pills, bacteria, physiotherapy, plastic surgery, meditation and hypnosis, and so on and so forth.

What's interesting is that all of these methods really work. But either very slowly, or turn out to be too expensive for the budget, and even for health.

But what is the best way to lose weight?

How to get rid of excess weight quickly and effectively, and without any unnecessary difficulties?

This is what we will be talking about.
Burn fat, burn!
Certainly, everyone has different goals.
⚡ Someone wants to get rid of a big belly, fat on the sides or in other problem areas.

⚡ Some people are just tired of being fat and want to have their lightness back as in their youth.

⚡ Some people want to improve their health by losing weight.

⚡ For others, it is important to look attractive and sexy, to increase their self-confidence.

⚡ Someone dreams of drying to an athletic body shape.

⚡ And some only want to remove excess fat.
If we analyze these goals, in the end it all comes down to three tasks.

  • Reduce the total weight (-lbs on the scales).
  • Decrease in girths: waist, hips, etc.
  • Get rid of unwanted fat.

But to anyone who understands at least something in physiology, it is quite obvious that there is only one solution.

It is necessary to make the body lose fat (reduce % of body fat mass).

It is the change in body fat mass that is a healthy and natural way to reduce the overall weight and girths. And then everything will be as it should be.
✅ The fat folds will go away and the overall body weight will decrease.

✅ The quality of the body will improve: the condition of the skin, flabbiness and cellulite will go away.

✅ Your well-being, hormonal background and objective indicators of health will improve.

✅ The waist and hips will become graceful. The belly will disappear. Muscular relief will appear.

✅ It will be possible to wear any clothes.
In general, it is the methods of eliminating body fat mass that give the best result, and not just weight loss as such.

You can take several diuretic tablets and drain from 3 to 7 kg in a couple of hours. And thus even decrease in girths. But it is dangerous to health. And has a short-term effect.

Most overweight people actually have quite enough muscle mass. Many men have six-pack abs, and women have rounded glutes. But all of that is hidden under a layer of fat. It is subcutaneous fat that gives the body shapelessness and swelling.

We will discuss the muscles another time. Let’s talk about fat.
Unsuccessful methods
The problem is that weight loss is a complex neurohormonal process. Emotional state, stress, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin, TSH, insulin, testosterone, estrogen - all this affects the consumption and accumulation of fat stores.

Fat in the human body is an accumulation of microscopic cells that work as a single endocrine organ, according to their own laws.

Therefore, the most useless solution is to do exercises to "burn" fat in the abdomen and thighs, fat burning ointments, yoga to lose weight, exercise machines for burning fat.

Adipose tissue is not a muscle that can be "bulked up" in isolation through exercise. And any local fat burning is so small that it is visually simply imperceptibl.

But you can destroy adipose tissue locally. For example, special physiotherapy or surgery. But even here everything is complicated.

Liposuction, physiotherapy and massage are good when a person already has few excess fat and you just need to correct something.

When there is more than 25% excess fat in the body, too many procedures and operations may be required. As a result, all these manipulations can be quite expensive. And even cause irreparable harm to health.
Top 3
Any sane person understands that in order to achieve any goal, something needs to be done. At least wave a magic wand and cast the right spell.

Even diet pills need to be taken regularly, and this is also a certain effort.

We will discuss the pills later. Now let's move on to the more optimal solutions.

These are the 3 ways we consider the best. By practicing these methods of losing weight, people achieve better results. Other options are worse: either slow and expensive, or require much more effort (mental and physical).

For 5 years of work on the project "Opti-fit: weight loss and cutting" we have analyzed the data from 100,000 participants. And, as a result, revealed 3 most effective ways to lose weight.
Top 3

3️⃣ Nutritional rhythm + drinking regime.

2️⃣ Rejection of saccharides.

1️⃣ Limiting carbohydrate intake.

This way you can lose weight as simply, quickly and effectively as possible. No calorie counting, no exhausting workouts, no hunger.
1st place ⭐
Limiting carbohydrate Intake
Limiting carbohydrate intake is an easy and affordable way to lose weight. It has been known since ancient civilizations. It can be compared to the tradition of fasting.

Fasting is the practice of abstaining from the pleasures of life, including certain foods.

This practice is actively used by nutritionists: the keto diet, LCHF, paleo diet, the Banting diet, the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet, the Bernstein method are all variations of carbohydrate restriction.

The first meaningful use of this nutritional principle was recorded in 1864 in William Banting's Letter on Corpulence. His diet proved so popular that in modern English the word "banting" is synonymous with the phrase "low-carbohydrate diet".

Carbohydrates are organic substances containing a carbonyl group and several hydroxyl groups. The name of the class of compounds comes from the words "hydrates of carbon".

Most food products contain carbohydrates. Most often these are products of plant origin. Some foods are over 90% carbohydrates.

For example, refined sugar contains 99.9% carbohydrates. In white bread - about 50%.

But there are also low-carb foods. In such products, there are either no carbohydrates at all, or there are very few of them: some vegetables, cheeses, meat, fish and seafood, eggs.

For example, cabbage contains about 5% carbohydrates. In cucumbers - about 3%. In zucchini - about 4%. In meat, fish, eggs and many cheeses - about 0%.

It has been scientifically established that regularly eliminating foods containing simple carbohydrates reduces the concentration of sugar and insulin in the blood. Under such conditions, the body actively consumes the reserves of fat depots as an energy source. As a result, there is less and less fat in the body every day - a person is losing weight.

When limiting the intake of carbohydrates, a noticeable result of losing weight appears after 2-3 days.

The main advantages of this method of losing weight.

  • Simple rules. No need to count calories, weigh and write down what you eat. It's easy to remember which foods to eat and which to avoid. Allowed foods can be eaten to satiety.
  • Health Improvement. Low-carbohydrate nutrition stops the causes of many diseases: it normalizes the concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood, lowers the level of LDL cholesterol.
  • Proper nutrition without tables. The basis of a low-carbohydrate diet is natural products with a natural balance of proteins and fats. This is how a person automatically eats right: no foods with a high glycemic and insulin load, no gluten, no trans fats.

In order not to count carbohydrates according to the tables, you just need to exclude certain food groups from the diet.

Try it - it's easy ↓